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Bushbabyofficial.com is the best and easiest place to buy bush babies as a home pets, We train them to home ownership standard for owners to be able to accommodate them in their homes.

How do I adopt one

You can adopt a bushbaby from us. As for other primates’ housing, bigger is better. They can be kept in a large birdcage and should also be provided with an outdoor area for playing. Adopt one for your home

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What Is The Lifespan Of A Bush Baby?

The lifespan of a bushbaby in captivity is 10 years or higher. While a bushbaby lives no longer than 3 to 4 years in the wild. The main reason behind low life expectancy in wild is predation. The most common predators of bushbabies are owls, snakes and small cats.


Are Bush Babies Intelligent?

Bushbabies are categorized as primates however; they are less intelligent than most of their distant relatives. They are called proto-primates and grouped as prosimians. Some characteristics of this group include small brains, low-light vision and toilet claws for grooming.


What Do You Feed A Bush Baby?

Bushbabies are omnivores and feed on insects, seeds, flowers and bird’s eggs. Grasshopper is their favourite food. In the wet season, they mostly feed on insects, while in the drought or summer they solely survive on gum that flows out of trees.

Is A Bush Baby A Sugar Glider?

No, bushbaby and sugar glider are two different species. Bushbaby is a small nocturnal animal native to continental Africa. While sugar gliders are squirrel-like marsupials that glide from tree to tree. Sugar gliders are from Australia.

Can Bush Babies See In The Day

Yes, bushbabies can see during the day, however; they are nocturnal and spend most of the day sleeping in dense trees. Their large eyes help them to have improved night vision like bats.

How Many Babies Can A Bushbaby Have?

Bushbabies produce 1 to 3 babies in a year and lesser bushbabies breed twice a year.